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believes that every delicate woman has a special eye for the big eye. Putting on large pieces and changing colors seems to be an important part of every girl! Recently, from the beginning of the epidemic is not put large makeup, and foil naked eye natural makeup is also a major focus, let us study also with the magnifying effect of naked eye makeup how to draw! eye naked eye makeup to look good? Since then gave up large diameter cosmetic contact lenses, decided to show the naked eye, how to draw eye makeup doesn't look like a "fish eye"? Eye shape different, Eyeliner way is different, and now share with you several eye makeup. almond eyes first use the base color on the upper eyelid and then light the eye shadow in the middle of the eye. Almond eye eye shadow painted on the brow brush should be in a l Retro jordans for sale ight colored eye shadow on the eyelid, darker eye shadow brush, obliquely outwards onto just beyond the eyes, but not too big, not too strong superimposed eye shadow eyeliner, ending naturally, do not deliberately upturned or drooping. The eyelashes in your eyes should be light, otherwise you will have no eyes. phoenix eye painted eye shadow, you can paint on the upper part of the eyelashes on the dark gray eye shadow powder, eye side brush bronze eye shadow powder, close to brow painted dark eye shadow powder, with brown eye shadow, the most light painted eyeful. Eye liner painted to the inside of the eye will make eye lines more beautiful. peach eyes peach blossom eye because of their eyes there will be some rise, so the painting, do not deliberately pick up to at the end of eye level, otherwise eas cheap jordans for sale mens y to become fox eyes, with Champagne Color Eyeshadow embellishment, eyes, more than Fendai over the lower eyelid, let the silkworm become delicate and touching. round eyes round eyes give people the feeling will be very cute and friendly, but sometimes too young less feminine, so when the eyeliner from the inside corner extends outward, and end with straight or small eye, elongated eye shape effect. And then below the brow and inner canthus with light colored eye shadow light. To show the contrast of the eye, choose a neutral color and gently rub on the eyelid. Then, in the fold of the eye (double fold), use a layer of dark eye shadow from the lash root transition. Mix the eye shadow of the outer canthus inward into the middle of the eye to emphasize the shape of the eyelids. single eyelid single eyel cheap foamposites ids actually does not need to look big eyes painted with thick black eyeliner, feels too hard and tough, only need to deepen the roots of eyelashes, eyeliner, eye on high light, to draw to the middle part of the eye. Select the middle tone, apply the crease on the outer side of the eye, and draw the circle. The use of shadow is also to emphasize eye type, but not too far away from the center of the eye. When painting eyeliner, to draw very thin, beyond the eyes can be slightly thicker. is the different eye shape Bare Makeup, fairies to get? Despite the heavy makeup and contact lenses, to show people their relaxed naked eye and refreshing eye makeup, is actually very beautiful Oh ~ FilMelange Japanese fashion brand; again the United Kingdom brand shoes Tricker '; s cooperation in the classic Desert B Cheap air jordans for sale oots blueprint for the design, used by the British Charles F.Stead Repello Suede old PU leather, leather tanning in the due to the protective treatment with anti pollution, so certain water proofing property, and the where is the special cooperation version added a lace tassel design, add fashion and elegant style casual shoes. Tricker, s, x, FilMelange, and other shoes will be available at FilMelange's online store in August 26th. 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This is happening today in a rare photograph before the Cavaliers and San Antonio Spurs game warm-up time, with LeBron, Soldier and Ambassador3 Where an individual product line of shoes, James unexpectedly wearing a pair of Nike Kobe 9 Elite warm-up training, although in the NBA others wore the signature shoe of a few people, but has its own strong product li cheap jordans for sale ne of "fierce" and also to wear someone else's signature shoe, maybe it is not suggesting that the next generation of designer shoes design ideas it? Smiley x Pony M-100 joint debut 2013-12-08 23:55:09 When we use the "Smiley" smiley symbol in a variety of chat software may have not thought about this little symbol turned out to be a company's intellectual property rights, by virtue of this small symbol year will receive $ 162MM of income. Now the company teamed up with veteran sports manufacturers Pony classic model M-100 as a blueprint to build a pair of joint shoes. Big smiling face printed on the tongue position, take a look will feel good mood. This time the joint also includes two sweater, but the specific release date is unclear, please pay attention to the follow-up reports. & Nbsp; Cheap air jordan 12 ovo Air Jordan 1 "Brooklyn All-Star" exposed 2015-01-23 12:21:42 A few days ago the network released a black gold color Air Jordan spy 1. It is reported that this pair of Air Jordan 1 will serve as this year's All-Star color version at the 2015 NBA All-Star Game officially launched by the spy photos we can see this pair of Air Jordan 1 shoe by a snake pattern build, gold details, with a white midsole and outsole make the shoes add a luxurious atmosphere. 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Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - cheap jordans online - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike Footscape Woven Motion new color New Balance x BEAMS 40th anniversary launched CM1400 cooperative shoes comments on last article: Nike Footscape Woven Motion brand new color next article: New Balance x BEAMS 40th anniversary launched CM1400 cooperative shoes weaving hot hot summer, even New Balance can't resist the temptation of woven material, launched a new hot shoe 574 Woven Pack series, this brand is suitable for use in the summer to make woven material, let 574 more soft breathable. Heart friend, do not let go. ? ? -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- charming Hawaii INVINCIBLE x Reebok Pump Fury 20th anniversary joint shoes published teamed up with Teng Yuan Ha cheap jordan shoes for men o's new project with Nike exposure Show Luo is a crazy love spree shoes maintenance cheats / how to make shoes never wear old anatomy / personal custom shoes aren't dreams, pink flowers Nike Air Force 1 AC GS flowers, how to wear high, not tired? Silvia Fado latest high heels series comments on last article: pink flowers Nike Air Force 1 AC GS flowers next article: how to wear high, not tired? Silvia Fado latest high heels seriesat the turn of the century, the League began to enter the era of Austria fat yishouzhetian. But in the light of this statue of the huge monster invincible edge, but stands a unprecedented grand striker. 2000 years, after shrinking the season to win, Duncan officially entered a dozen years, such as a day in Sanantonio to sell Meng, intermittent inverse growth of fourth years. Garnett opened in Minnesota after six consecutive years of 20+10+5 metamorphosis history. Wallace left the mouth to an endless enjoyment challenge referee is higher than the bottom line leadership belt. Yes, he is not the same as the top of the League (in addition to the brush), but you want, he can almost perfectly present to you. Malone in 97, 98 top punching failure after getting into the evening, but still and sidekick, day after day, no solution of the pick and roll in, a fierce battle in the 15th year of consecutive 20 +. Webb finally in Gaza city transformation into the true king, Princeton, flowing in their hands flowing gorgeous boundless factor. Antonio Mcdyess in front of the injured over last play above the rim of the season, after a few years gradually realized the by violence prior to the change of inside. as for Nowitzki, he and Nash the multinational small gay friend was Finlay the boss behind the childish boy. and in 14 years later today, Duncan is still valuable to wave and a juanjimei, you Nong Nong loving day, just beside the two infinite charm of foreign same-sex friends. Garnett had left the bitter cold of Minnesota in Boston, the legend writing own legend and reproduced to the nets. Sheed in flounder piston airness, green army Chong crown lip once unemployed, but eventually lonely intolerable to comeback, but reminder years old, after 6 months again retired. champion Malone gamble after retiring, he accepted, after all each other 18 years of Saline Lake city. Weber taichetaiwu change not to climb to the top of the world, in the roots back to shortly after the warriors, he had and various mouth nonsense bragging of happy days. McDyess is no longer a powerful and unconstrained style has gradually become the League after the ronin, and in eight after the Spurs were black quietly retired. and at this time he left, has not been too many people emotional waves. Not cold, People are hurrying to and fro., is so real. was the most junior Dirk, was in distress after the last dream. He and Duncan, Kevin Garnett, Wallace arranged the 14 years half Champions (dull selflessly as average of the great dedication of the five titles). 14 years enough to impetuous youth into a wretched evil uncle and even appearance has not changed, the time will not polar in people who have left their mark. so when Wallace and the referee and laughing, we can only in the mind sketched his grinning face and heart 〉